Avi to dvd ac3 problem

When I have an avi file, I extract the ac3 audio using virtualdub, then use tmpgenc to convert the video, then use ifoedit to author the ac3 file that was extracted with the video file converted by tmpgenc. Then I burn all the file created in nero in the video-ts folder. Why does the final dvd not play the audio in a standalone dvd player?

Also, I just use nerovision express to create the dvd, but it works perfectly with avi files with mp3 sound, but does the same thing with ac3 sound (doesnt play).

Is this a codec problem?

How have you extracted the ac3 with VD ? Audio must be in Direct Stream Copy mode. Ifoedit has problems with NTSC authoring, if thats applicable to you. Can you author using DVDLab (free 30 day trial available), do you get the same problem?

Try “fixing” the extracted ac3 incase there is a problem with it, run it through BeSplit/BeSpliced.