DVD to divx (avi) or anything else to divx (avi) has been talked about a lot in these forums but the avi do not have support for chapters (and other stuff) like the divx (.divx). So would anyone be kind enough to teach me as to how to convert a .avi (encoded with xvid/divx) to .divx. Also please mention how to add chapters or subtitles to the .divx file.

Thanks in advance

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First of all, some definitions are needed here:

[li]DivX and Xvid are both codecs based on the MPEG4 standard.[/li][li]DivX is now a commercial version[/li][li]Xvid is free[/li][li]AVI (.avi) is a file format which can contain many things - even MPEG2 - but usually contains the MPEG4-based DivX or XviD.[/li][li]DivX people decided to make a new file format which has the extension .divx, and their officially-compatible players will look for this. However I suggest you try such a player with .avi files containing XviD encodings and I bet they’ll work.[/li][/ul]I’m afraid no-one can give you a short tutorial on this, but I hope the above will get you started. Meanwhile I’ll transfer this query to the CD Freaks’ Video Edit forum.

I don’t think I can teach you, but I can point out one program that can author divx and allow you to set chapter points and use subtitles. Download and try out TMPGenc Author 3.

This isn’t a free program, but it will do what you want.

Thanks for the prompt reply going to try it out. BTW, sorry for posting in the wrong place.

Sorry for the wrong link in my post…I was helping someone else on dvd video. Hope you found the program: http://tmpgenc.pegasys-inc.com/en/download/tda3.html