Avi to divX / Xvid


I hope that someone can help me, I recently bought a DVD player that can play Xvid and divX, the problem is that I didn’t realisi that it needs to Xvid 4.X or divX 5.X, most of my files are AVI or divX 3.1.
I have been searching the internet and reading several tutorials, I thought that I knew what I was going to do and I used Virtual dub to try to convert the format from avi/divX 3.1 to Xvid/ divX 5.1, problem is towards the end I keep getting an error 100 message, the finished files also seem much larger in size than the ones I started with and on one that I tried on the DVD player I had a good picture but no sound.
I wonder if the following questions could be answered.

Is virtual dub the right software to use for this ?

Could anyone tell me a good step by step method of doing this?

Does anyone know why I got the error messages problems I did using virtual dub.

I think a tutorial on this would be great as more and more of this type of DVD player is coming onto the market.

Thank you in advance for any help

VitualDUB can be fine as long as the original AVI/Divx does not contain VBR MP3 or AC3 audio, use Nandub if it does (you will get an error message as you load it into VD if it has either of these audio formats).

  1. Right click the AVI, go to Properties/Summary and note the Video Data Rate. Multiply by 8 (to convert K bytes/s to K bits / sec) This is its data bitrate.
  2. Load avi into VD
  3. Set Audio to Direct Stream Copy if it is not already.
  4. Set Video to Full processing mode.
  5. In Video/Compression select DivX Codec, then select Configure and slide the pointer for Encoding Bitrate to the figure you found in step 1.
  6. Ok, Ok then Save AVI

Thanks for that excellent reply

Thanks too, just encountered the same problem and you solved it.


tinku :slight_smile: