AVI to disk, I just want to watch this on my tv

I have a video, in AVI format. I just want to watch it on my dvd player. I dont think my dvd player allows for VCDs or Super VCDs. What can I do? What type of disk is best?

Many newer dvd players are able to play avi files, especially those encoded with divx or xvid codecs and they are relatively inexpensive these days, so that is one option.

If you don’t want to invest in a new player :), and your current dvd player won’t play avi’s, then you’ll need to convert to dvd-video format.

Look into DVDFlick or FAVC to convert the avi to dvd-video format. Both are free to download and use. You can burn this to a blank dvd disk using a free program called ImgBurn, and you can even have FAVC burn the disk automatically using ImgBurn if you set that option.

Get some good disks. Verbatim 16x is recommended quite often around here.

This whole line of advice does assume you have a dvd burner of course.

Okay, everything worked, however what becomes of the original avi file?
Also, where can a i find the new formatted file?

Depends on which program you used to make the dvd…if you didn’t set a specific place in DVDFlick it should be in My Documents in a folder called dvd.

FAVC’s default output setting is also in My Documents, though I usually put it somewhere else.

Original avi file should be unchanged.