Avi + subtitles -> VCD help

Hi. I just searched through the forums and was unable to find what I was looking for, so new thread for my question…

I just downloaded a foreign movie using bittorrent and it came with two files: the AVI file (352x240) and a subtitles.txt file in this format:

00:01:50,400 --> 00:01:51,700
What’s the meaning of this check?

00:01:51,800 --> 00:01:52,500
You trying to get me to cheat?

00:01:52,700 --> 00:01:54,000

I’ve only converted/burned my own MPEG movie files before and never burned downloaded ones yet, and all have been in English, so I’m not sure how to go about merging the subtitles onto the video file (it seems that they are commonly found as .ifo, not .txt) and the conditions I should set to burn it.

Any and all help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Check out the AVI to VCD Tutorial (in the Guides & Tutorial section), it will explain how to merge them in when converting to VCD.

You mean this guide? I’ve read it through and didn’t see any mention of merging in subtitles. I’ve also read various tutorials on vcdhelp.com and none worked. I think the .txt file I have was created using the program SubRip, so I used a subtitle convertors to make the subtitle in another format (ie: .sub, .srt, .ssa) and still was unable to get the subtitles to show up in an attempt to convert them to burnable mpeg files.

I was able to get the subtitles to show up only in Windows Media player using ffdshow and enabling subtitles, however this method did not work on a different computer with both the latest Windows Media and ffdshow installed.

When in DVD2SVCD, in the Subtitle Tab, tick Subtitles on. Set the rest of D2S up, then hit the GO button. Tick the option “Add external subtitle streams” and load in your *.str file. Proceed from there.