Avi size after dvd to mobile

Can somebody help me how to get the correct size of the file after I convert to mobile(avi).

no matter what I tried the software ignore the size (~1GB) and after 3 hours of conversion the output files are 2+Gbs. This is driving me crazy :frowning:

I appreciate any help. ( I use 2 pass of conversion for better quality).

I suggest you try 1-pass and see if you can really see any difference. What profile are you using and how do you use the output files–play on PC or a mobile device?

This happens with all profiles. I always use 2-pass, I’ll check using 1 pass. I save a bunch of films and store 4 movies(~1GB each) inside a each dvd (4GB total). I have to use version 3.1.8 but that version lack of pan&scan feature. :(.

Most of the time I use DVD to PVP (Epson, Archos, Zen) (all in avi format, NOT h264)

Your help will be really appreciated

Go into the options and change the video bitrate… I think it does 500kbps or 600kbps default, reduce it by a little and make sure you keep it on 2-pass.

Just a thought.

I’ve used the feature to make many conversions for my Archos 504. I have used 1-pass H.264 for almost all of them with great success. With devices like the Archos that have so much storage space available, file size doesn’t matter too much but video quality does (hence the H.264). My conversions are set up looking more at the bits/pixel than the bitrate or file size but all come in within 2-5% of the estimate provided in DVDFab, most movies 900-1200MB. I’ve tried 2-pass but could not see any visible improvement in the output. I am also using the latest version of DVDFab. There have been many improvements in the mobile processing since the version you are using and I would suggest that you update to v5. It is hard for me to even remember how it behaved in a version that old. You will need to get a new key from Fengtao’s website if you decide to do this.

Let me clarify the version that works correctly is 3.1.8 , from that version to the latest the size goes wrong for DVD to Mobile conversion (2 pass). I’ll try with only one pass.

I really appreciate your help. I’m kinda desperate.
Thank you.

I’ll post my results shortly.

hi, canino98

sorry for this problem boring so long, I think I will try to fix this problem asap, I just do one simple test and use “Archos 504/604” profile, and estimate file size is 168MB, and I got one file which is 188MB. the video codec is mpeg4 not h264.

I use beta do this test, can you provide information about which profile is your using, and did you test the short file ? if it is possible, can you using mediainfo to parser the output file, and copy the detail file information ?