Avi Questions

[i]Hello, here is my question.

I have nearly all the Stargate SG1 episodes from the tv but they are all in
avi format and i’ve never come accross buring or converting avi files before.

What is the best format or conversion for avi files? I need them to play on
a stand alone DVD player but im realy unsure of how to go about doing this,
and also what are your recomendations regarding programs to use for burning
or conversion? and how can i do the conversion without losing too much quality.

Any help would be appreciated guys. and thanks.

Winavi or Dvd Santa very simple to use and do a good jod.

I use Mainconcept for my avi to a compliant dvd mpeg1/2. Mainconcept is more $ than Tmpgenc Plus but is much faster on my system. Tmpgenc dvd Author or Ulead Movie Factory are to easy to use authoring programs that give good results.
I finally opted to get a Philips dvp642 to play my avi videos. $70 at wal-mart, no long re-encoding, plays bout anything I put in it.