Avi question

I have avi files I have recorded with my digital camera. Other than adjusting the camera settings how can I reduce the size of the avi images. Is there a program that can do this?

Do you mean reduce the filesize, or the screen dimensions…?

I need to reduce file size.

What is your ultimate goal? download gspot (free)and use it on your files (just google gspot). it will tell you what kind of files they are. there are litterally hundreds if not thousands of avi file types…I asume that the files on your camera are too big on the computer?, or to burn to a playable disk? More info would be helpfull. Your camera may use a low compression file type… You can convert to a high compression file type that will take much less space, but you gotta know what you are starting with. Fyi, I’m no expert, but I have been there before).

The free VirtualDub will enable you to compress the video with a suitable codec - Xvid or Divx - to get good quality & a sensible file size.

Good guides available here .