AVI problems/too big?/wot?



:confused: Hi I am new to the forum but not to using Nero 6 Ultra. I have been using it for 2 yrs or so to transfer analogue camcorder videos to burn to DVD though a capture device. I have also been using Recode to back up some kids DVDs I own for the car because they get scratched pretty quick. Burning cds no problems at all whatsoever with anything.
I also recently acquired a SONY HCR30 DV cam that allows you to connect an analogue device such as a hifi VCR to it and stream the output through the cam’s dv port. I successfully took some old VCR tapes of my sons favourite show and made a 1 hour compilation DVR and it plays fine will full menus animations etc on even my old 1st generation SONY dvd player I stuck in my daughters room.
NOW I took a 1hr 45 min EC concert video and captured it on to a mapped network drive (as I have been doing all along). This resulted in a 22.5GB AVI file. I created all the chapters etc (a pain in the arse with a live concert) and went to burn it to a 4.7gb DVD. I used the 2pass vbr and the standard play option and NERO told me that it would take up like 4.2gb so there I go. I have tried this twice on a 1.8mz pentium w 512ram box and an Athlon 3500 newcastle w 1gb ram lappy and in all 3 cases nero showed that this project would take 8 hours or so to do this. I walk away from the machine and the next morning and greeted by “Burn process failed”.
I have sent this to nero and got a fast initial response, and I replied with all the stuff they asked me for but no further reply as of yet.
The problem seems to happen every time thusly:

[19:07:35] DVDEngine ERROR
[19:07:35] DVDEngine cause: 128 (nmc_processing_exception)
[19:07:35] DVDEngine source: DEGuardNMCConversion
[19:07:35] DVDEngine description: SEH EXCEPTION caught during INeroMediaConverter::DoConversion().
[19:07:35] DVDEngine
There is more log fore and aft this but seems to be the normal stuff, no error messages and coding away like all get out.
Is this file too big or something? How else would I capture the file? Or else?


There can sometimes be problems when trying to encode a raw AVI file, by that I mean an avi file with no compression. I think that the data transfer can be too slow for the encoder.
You could try compressing with the Xvid or Divx codecs & with a bit rate of , say, 1500 kb/s you’ll drastically reduce the file size & lose minimal quality. Virtualdub would do this fine.


Thank you for your reply. :bow:
Wound up deleting the whole AVI file and capturing as MPEG2. Files were much smaller but still with all tweaking possible the 1hr45min was slightly too large for a dvd-r. So I burned it to a folder, used recode to shrink it and wound up with about 70% video quality. Not TOO bad but very noticeable loss of clarity on a 65" RPHDTV.
Funny though I did not have this issue with miniDV home shot camera footage. They came out pretty stunning PQ (no noticeable loss whatsoever…lets not discuss the camera work!). I guess due to the smaller file sizes??


Use DVD Shrink to reduce the size, it’s probably more flexible than Recode.