AVI Playback Problem

Hey there - can anyone help me on this one?

Happily burned literally hundreds of AVI files to both CD and DVD. I watch them usually using Real One - and I have all the codecs I think I need (DivX, AC3, SLD Codepack and 3vix).

So far, so good.

However, some files simply do not want to replay from disk (some CD and some DVD). The replay has a jerky picture and runs ahead before catching up with itself.

If I burn the file to a disk and it won’t replay properly I was thinking that it was a problem with the drive (a LiteOn DVD burner) BUT if I then move the file back to the desktop from the disk it replays fine!

So, I have had my drive RMAed two times now (the first time it was really broken) but am now thinking that it is just certain files that don’t like to be burned to disk.

Does anyone have any ideas about this, any solutions, answers.

Many thanks - rigbee

First of all, try another Media Player. Here are some of the more popular ones.

Media Player Classic (freeware) Has built in support for most codecs (divx/xvid/ac3 & many more).

VLC video-lan (freeware) Has built in support for most codecs (divx/xvid/ac3 & many more).

Zoom Player (basic version: Freeware - pro version: shareware/$20)


The Core Media Player (TCMP) ($10 for DVD Playback)

You could also try another drive (perhaps in a friends machine) to read the problematic discs. You could also try reburning a some of the discs with different media &/or at slower speeds.

Good Luck!