AVI Playback on DVD Player Nightmare

Ok, so I have done my best to find an answer online and on this site to my problem, but while having found similar issues, am still unable to get past this problem. So, about 10 wasted discs later and huge increase in frustration, here I am asking for help.

What I want to do is Burn some AVI’s (divx) to a blank DVD (Preferably Re-Writables) and then play them back on my DVD Player (LG DR389) which supports Windows Media, Divx, and AVI’s.

Now, I have been able to do this successfully using Windows DVD maker which makes a nice DVD menu and Works like a charm, however, a mate of mine lent me a DVD with AVI’s on it which when loaded just showed all the AVI’s on the disc and then allowed me to select the one I wanted to watch and then played it perfectly.

So, what I want it to be able to burn my AVI’s to a DVD just like the example above, without and fancy DVD menu etc. This way I will be able to get more files onto the DVD as using Windows DVD maker there is alot of extra bloat not to mention the fact that it takes forever to create the disc.

I tried just dragging the files onto my DVD writer drive which copied them to the disc and played back on my PC just fine, but DVD player wont recognise the disc. I also tried copying the files to the disc using Windows “Create a Data DVD using Windows Media Player” This did not work either, in that DVD player still does not show the menu listing all the AVI files on the disc. I tried using DVD+R and DVD+RW discs, but no difference.

Ok, so I know its is possible to do on my DVD Player as I have the disc from a mate which works, So I am assuming it has something to do with how I copy the AVI files to the DVD disc, I dont know if it is a disc format type problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Just burn the files as ‘data’ using a proper burning application. For example, use ImgBurn in ‘Build’ mode and add the files to the compilation window.

Practice with the rewriteable discs first.

Thanks for the help, however, I must be doing something wrong as this did not work. What I did was Open ImgBurn in Build Mode, then added a single AVI to the compilation window, then changed the destination to the Writable drive and started it.
ImgBurn then wrote a .iso file and a .mds file to the disc.
I tried to play the disc in my DVD Player but it just hangs, so had to power it down and then up again to ge the disc out.

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

WooHoo… Problem solved, OK. For anyone else interested, here is the answer.
Basically do just what imkidd57 described, but make sure that when you select destination you down browse to the DVD Writer drive, because it then asks you to name the file you want to save, which is an ISO, which is not what you want to do. Rather just select the drive from the dropdown list and that way it just writes the AVI. hey Presto, It’s playing just how I want on my DVD Player.

Thanks for the help imkidd57