AVI Playback from USB Drive

Sorry if I posted in wrong area… but didn’t know quite where to post.

Playing very large AVI files via WM Player 10 on Win XP Pro.

Play from hard drive is okay. But play from the USB has large pauses, etc.

I was thinking it maybe the I/O speed differences of the internal drive v. an external device thru the bus, etc. Plus the USB port is most likely 1.1

Suggestions? Any patches for Media Player? Playing with a better AVI player?
I would like to play from the USB drive since would like the portability for others to see such files.

Any thoughts?


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Probably there are two problems. As you pointed, if USB ports are 1.1 this creates a bottleneck that cause slowings.

Moreover, if the avi file is really large, probably it was encoded with a high bitrate, and to play the movie it’s necessary a powerful CPU. I remember a similar problem with my previous computer, not enough powerful to play avi movies :frowning:

Combining these two factors can give the playback problem that you are experiencing.

You can try to use a light software to watch your movies, like VLC player (that is also free)

Thanks… its on a slow chip (but it is a duo processor so that maybe helping some) but interesting that read from hard drive is sufficent and from the usb drive is not.

and to get it to USB 2.0 don’t t I have to install a card with 2.0 ports or ? this since the existing ports are the typical intergrated ones on the motherboard…

will seek a “lite” client v. MP10. maybe that will address the issue better.

In recent mainboards all integrated USB ports should be USB2. Maybe you need to install a proper driver. Do you have windows XP installed? USB 2 support in winXP was introduced with service pack 2, so maybe you meed to install it.

There are available many PCI cards to add some USB2 ports, so this could be another solution.

Is it a USB2.0 drive, or a USB1.1 - A USB1.1 drive will tend to max out at about 900KB/s, due to limitations of both the USB interface speed and the flash/controller chips used in that era.

USB2.0 flash drives vary in speed, with the really tiny ones often being unusually slow (maybe down to 4MB/s), while the “standard” ones tend to be 8-10 MB/s.

Even faster drives use a dual channel controller and two flash chips, effectively in RAID 0

The drive itself is 2.0 but the port I’m sure is just a 1.1. Hence the probable quagmire I’m in. I’m gonna try, per an earlier post to try viewing such files in with VLC and see if better. Otherwise guess will look at adding USB 2.0 ports.


Any motherboard capable of carrying a “Duo” Processor (unless you mean a very old dual CPU board) ought to be equipped with 100% USB 2.0 capable ports (the favoured method now, is that ports are routed to USB1 or USB2 controllers according to the connected device, rather than having fixed numbers of USB1 & USB2 ports)