Avi playback from dvd freeze mediaplayer

Hello, I dont know if this is a newb question or not.

I have backed up some avi files to dvd-r and dvd+r
when I play these files off the disk some of them work fine
while others freeze media player and it crashes and wont close.
also the folder listing of the dvddrive crashes and wont close either. I need to reboot to fix it. it like the dvddrive crashes

I can copy the files back to the hardrive with no issues.

I have been using a sony dru-ax and intenso media (yes I know cheap and nasty)

I also have a normal dvd drive playback from both has problems

I am running win2k. media player9, k-lite codec pack, ffdshow etc

Do you guys think i am having the same problems as people burning dvd-videos with data on the outer area of the disk not being read properly.

OR do I need to set up my drives differently turn off dma or something.

has anyone experienced this problem?

basically any clues would be great.

Humbert :stuck_out_tongue:

Originally posted by humbert
I can copy the files back to the hardrive with no issues.

and also play them on your harddisk without issues ?

yes harddrive playback is fine.

I’m still suffering