AVI on a cd?

Is there a way to put say a “show” about 715,388 kb in AVI on a regular cd instead of a DVD disc? I use nero for my burning…Thx :bigsmile:

A quick method is what im looking for…Thx :bigsmile:

I dont know why not. Nero digital is mpeg 4 on recode. As long as the file will fit you should be good to go. If you have full version of recode you should be able to write it with nero burning rom.

Thx…I think that is nero express and go into video cd…Then it encodes and burns…I stopped it before it got to 5% encoding. Its just seemed VERY slow process… :sad:

It can be very slow @ even slower if comp. is not real fast.

It’s not the file size that’s a factor, it the length of the movie that’ll determine whether it’s worth trying to convert to VCD/SVCD format. If it’s less than 60 mins then the quality would be watchable if converted to either of these formats & burned onto a CD. Otherwise DVD is really the only option, other than a Divx compatible DVD player.