Avi, mpeg compression?

how can I compress AVI or Mpegs to a smaller file size to put the maximum on a cd-r? In Iraq with our movie cameras we can take film however storage space is limited. I would like to compress the movies into the smallest format and send them to friends and family on cd-rs for viewing. Thanks for any and all help.

Well AVI is just a container, it can make use of various video compressors, such as XviD, DivX, x264, VP6.2, etc. however the same principle as mpeg’s applies. Size = length*bitrate. So if you want something smaller, you either have to reduce the length (cut of credits) or reduce the average bitrate.

XviD has a built in bitrate calculator, you just entering the length, audio size, etc. and it will figure out the bitrate for you. Whether it looks any good at that bitrate is a different matter.

So these are DV avi’s or what?

they are mostly mpegs/avi’s. My goal is to put as many 3-15min clips on one cd-r as I can. Most of the military pc’s have win media player so that is the player of choice. THanks for any help.

Maybe you should go with WMV then? If it is WMP9 or later then it will play WMV/A 9 without the need to download anything extra.