AVI & Mpeg Compelations to DVD WITHOUT Converting?

I just got a Philips DVP 642 thats supposed to play all sorts of formats including Mpegs on DVD.

What is the best (easiest?) way to make a compelation of clips from my hard drive to DVD without having to convert AVI’s, WMA, MPG’s, MPEG’s, etc.

Is there any program that will allow me to just drag and drop files. And will they work?

Thanks. :slight_smile:

if you just burn them to disc as data files your player should list them simular to when you put a mp3 disc into a dvd player. nero should do them ok.

have you got a re-writable disc you can test with?

I have two Philips dvp642 and I do as ako stated. When the menu comes up highlight which avi/mpeg you want to play. The video title/s are limited to IIRC 8 letters.

Thank you. :slight_smile:

You are so right. It workes. Thank you. :slight_smile:

no probs :slight_smile: