.AVI Movie Issues

Ok how come avi movies are so dark on my screen, if a scene in the movie is even a little shadowy, my screen really blacks it out. Sometimes it will randomly flick to normal but most of the time its all dark…about 75% darker than it should be. I’ve tried WMP and democracy player and its still very dark, i’ve adjusted the brightness on my screen too…What do i do?

Try to go to Control Panel --> video card options. There should be something to adjust brightness in color section.

EDIT: try also to see in the codec options to adjust brightness

I don’t know if this is related but when I switched from a CRT to a ViewSonic LCD panel, all of my videos (avi, mpeg, whatever) went dark. I searched the web and found a lot of nothing. I went back to my monitor setup files and ran the setup wizard. I ran it in advanced mode and it had a place to set the color/hue/tone/brightness/gamma specifically for VIDEOS!! I made tweaks until their sample pictures looked right. Now, all my vids look normal again.

Hope this helps.