Avi movie audio goes out of sync



I have an avi movie in which the audio goes out of sync 1/2 way thru the movie.

I was told I could fix it with virtual dub but when I try to open the movie I get an error message saying I am missing a codec. I checked the movie with video inspector to see what codec I am missing but it says I have the appropriate codecs.

How do I fix it?


Try this method, I got from another forum tipster…

Open the video in Media Player Classic, then click on Play -> Audio -> Option. Tick the box next to Audio time shift(ms), and enter a number. Click OK, and play the video. Keep changing this number until the audio lines up. Once you are happy that you have found the delay in milliseconds, open the video in virtualdubmod and click on Streams -> Stream List. Right-click and select Interleaving. In the bottom section of the dialogue, marked Audio Skew Correction, enter the number you found in MPC. Click OK, OK. Click on File -> Save As, and using Direct Stream Copy, save a new, hopefully corrected, avi file.

Or try with AVIDemux… Just tick the Shift box under the audio tab, and change the value. Press the stop (not pause/play) button and then play again to see the effect. All this happens in the one program, on the one page. And if you build a VBR timemap, you can adjust VBR MP3 sync as well - something virtualdubmod isn’t too happy with.
Here’s the thread link,hope it helps!..


Not that I am an expert, but having been a victim of this before, make sure the END of the movie is in sync. An adjustment made from the middle still may not line up in the end.

Also, don’t forget to re-set the offset in VLC back to 0!!