AVI (motion + sound) to DVD?



I have 10GB AVI. I know I should compress it to MPEG2. Ok, now done that, 4GB. How can I turn that MPG file to VOB and stuff so I could trop it in VIDEO_TS and burn it with nero? Looking basically for free tools. Several ways would be awsome since I could choose my own.


I assumed you made the MPEG file as DVD compliant ? Then just load it into TMPGenc DVD Author or DVDLab and author it to a set of VOB files and burn.


Originally posted by ChickenMan
I assumed you made the MPEG file as DVD compliant ?

How to tell?


Well how did you actually make it and what settings did you choose. A bit more info would help here.


I used Amigo easy video converter 3.2 to convert AVI to MPG (it has special DVD setting that I guess makes it DVD complient), though MPG came out without sound…


Now I tried CCE and DVDLab, seems to be working.

BTW, do you know of any CCE guides how to do it properly and tips and tricks?


We do actually have some Tutorials section here. Have you attempted to actually read any of them ?

Suggest you start with http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=61142