Avi menu's on a hard drive?

I’m always bad on figuring what forum to put questions in so I often just ask in the newbie forum, but this one doesnt seem to belong there. I recently got a jsi js5113 dvd player (dont bother searching for info on it, you won’t find it). there are 4 other jsi models on videohelp but not this one. After extensive research, it seems to be the same company as oritron and koss (koss dvd players which are made by this company and they just licience the name). their website is down (heard they are restructuring).

So anyway this player (like has been reported with other jsi players) seems to play anything. I have confirmed that it will play xvid, divx3 and 5, svcd, nero digital and I assume most other formats based on what others have said about other jsi players. I have philips and a uslogic (compusa brand and it is discontinued) multiformat players and it will play files they wont.

So here is the problem and my reason for asking about menus. With my other players (when playing from a data disk with diffrent format files), it brings up a menu that basically shows the folders and files. The jsi player doesn’t show this menu, it just plays through the files in order. I can bring up info on it and find the number value of the file and folder being played, but it never gives a menu (and the menu key doesn’t work). Once, and only once, I saw such a menu from the jsi player (not sure how but aparently it does have the capability). The jsi player has a usb port and to my amazment (it was mega cheap), it suports a usb hard drive formated fat32. I have already tested and it has no problem playing anything from the hard drive.

the problem is, no menu. I want to put tv shows on the hard drive (possibly a thousand files), and while I could create a numeric system, and use the info tab (which acording to the documentation, you can enter numbers and jump to whatever file), I would rather just use names and use a file folder type system (I saw a menu like that pop up once so there has to be a way).
Any kind of menu system would be great. Anyone got any ideas or links on menus with data files?

If you rewrite the firmware for this device, then it MAYÄBE could do that too. Otherwise never.

Hey ripit,

I saw this player at BigLots and was intrigued by the USB port on the front and the claim that it played Mpeg4 files. The thing was only $34.88 and BigLots said they would accept a return up to 30 days after purchase with the receipt and original packaging, so I took the risk and bought it.

I have now found that this little unit is an amazing find. I started it up, then fired up my brand new WD 500GB MyBook external hard drive that contains many DivX, Xvid, and Mpeg-2 files. Once the hard drive finished spinning up, I plugged it into the USB port and it was recognized successfully. I was shocked. The manual said that it only read USB Flash drives! Why wouldn’t they brag about external hard drives on the packaging?

Now to answer your question… Yes, the unit immediately starts playing the first MP3 file on the hard drive. To bring up the menu, you have to hit the stop button on the remote. Then, after playing around with the short 8.3 filename menus and directory structure, you will find that hitting the right arrow will allow you to change between Music, Photo, and Video modes. These little icons are in the bottom right corner of the screen.

The remote control is very cheap, but the darn thing has played every video file that I have tried with the exception of a demultiplexed MPV or M2V files. But, it probably would if I changed the extension to MPG, but obviously, it wouldn’t have audio. I store all my MPEG2 capture files from my iLO HD04 DVD Recorder as seperate MPV & MPA files so that I can easily author a DVD w/ menus using Adobe Encore.

I also have a TVisto media playback device (LINK ), but you have to install your hard drive inside the unit. The JSI is awesome, because you simply plug your external HD into the USB port. The JSI plays XVid files of Chris Angel - Mindfreak that my TVisto doesn’t play. Well worth my $35. Any video geek that finds this unit should definitely buy it.

I got mine at biglots too (28$ with employee discount so an even beter deal). thanks for the tip on how to get into the menu. I’ll have to give it a try. They really will play anything, xvix, divx, mpeg4, nero digital etc. I get the impression based on what people have said about other players of this brand, it is not intentional that it can do all that it can do, they just buy a chipset from someone else and that chipset happened to have all these capabilities so the player does too, wheather they intentionally desigend the player too or not. Reguardless, its the cheapest multi format player I have seen and it plays files that my more expensive multi format players won’t.

Thanks again. I don’t have my external to hook up right now (I’m using it to move stuff between computers so there are no media files on it), but I tried it with a dvd full of avi’s (couldn’t get a menu with multiformat dvd’s either) and it worked fine. I cannot believe that I missed something so simple as hitting stop to bring up the menu.

I’m glad I could help you out finding the menu.

The external hard drive hooked up via USB will perform exactly the same way as it does from a data DVD. The main thing to be aware of regarding external drives via USB is to format them as a FAT32 partition.

Since this is not an easy task to accomplish on a large hard drive using WinXP, I made up a narrated video guide on how to get this task accomplished using a freeware application called H2FORMAT. (LINK )

I haven’t used Nero Recode because the files wouldn’t playback on any of my MPG4 players (Archos AV300, CyberHome 1600, and JVC ?? DVD player). This bummed me out because Recode was very fast and looked great on my computer. I may have to revisit it since the JSI will play them.

I think I wound up just formating mine with a 32 gig partition to try it (thats all windows can format fat32). I’ll check out your link and try it.