Avi how to copy

hi im new how do i copy avi files to cd my file is 878mb and my cds are 800mb i want to whatch on dvd player

For avis to play on a DVD player you need to convert them to the relevant format first. This requires a onverter and DVD authoring programme, there are those progs out there that are all in one, but as I use seperate programmes, Main Concept MPEG Encoder and TMPGEnc DVD author, I can’t recommend any. THis would take it abve the limit of a CD and you may need to split and create 2 VCDs or just a DVD.

Slight correction, avis can be converted but not a must be. If you’ve dvd player which supports divx you don’t need to convert them. :wink:
I forgot there are 900mb medias!

how can i put on cd 700mb

Yes rapid there are but not all avis are DivX and the set top players that play them are relatively new, so unless he has one of them conversion is the only way to go. Yes there are 900mb media I just haven’t seen any for a while, though I realy haven’t been looking since I went over to DVD writer.

Kevin you can’t unless you split it into 2 video cds, the programmes that do that others will have to tell you about. I take it you don’t have a DVD writer.

The standalone players which supports avi, mpeg4 or divx however are now for a longer time on the market. Mine is about 2 years old. But yes in his case he could only to convert the file.

yes i have a dvd writer i use blank cd because i can get a 100 cd for £10 dvd cd are dear and you cant get a 100 how do i put in to 2 video then

Your alternative:

  1. Split the .avi file (there are a lot of avi splitters, google for it) and burn the files to two CDs. Your player must be capable of playing this format.
  2. Convert it to DVD format (also a lot of software in this field, like Winavi, DVDSanta, to mention few) and burn it on a DVD medium.