Avi from pc to dvd recorder (standalone player)?

i have a dvd recorder that we use for watching store bought movies and personal vhs transfers,i’am pretty sure it does not read avi files, is there a way i can have a avi file on the computer and transfer it to the dvd recorder,does it need to be decoded on the computer.i’am getting lost in here.

To convert an AVI movie into a format that a standalone can read you must first convert the avi into a mpeg file and then convert the mpeg file into vob, ifo, and bup files.

This conversion require a powerful computer, because mpeg encoding is a really heavy work for the CPU. With a not enough powerful computer it can be necessary also more than 24 hours to do the conversion.

The easier option, particularly if you have a lot of these AVI to convert, is purchase a standalone able to read also AVI movies.

You can find some softwares able to do these conversions here.

geno, i think i would get a standalone player to do this,alot easier like you said.would it be a long process to transfer the avi to dvd with the standalone player,could you give me a idea how the avi file is transfered, does it hook up to the computer with a s-video cable and its ready to transfer or is there more to it?

thank you

could you tell me how the avi is transfered to the standalone player, does the standalone hook up to the computer, how would this process work.

All the conversion must be done with a computer; for what I know the standalone is not able to do this conversion.