AVI Frame Resolution

I’ve never done this before so please excuse a newbie question. I want to encode a DVD to AVI, so it fits on a 700MB CD. I’ve select the MP3 profile @ 128 kpbs, because its a bit smaller, but what frame resolution should I use/do you recommend, the DVD is European PAL format?

Thanks for any help.


The output screen size should be chosen to match the device on which you will be watching the file. You can use the video bitrate slider to control the overall file size. If you’re planning to watch on a handheld device of some type, 320x240 at 500 kbps looks very good in most cases. Experiment by ripping a short single chapter segment (using the Advanced Title Settings button) to see how it will look.

Hi alog, no matter, if PAL or NTSC: If you use 704x400 output size, this will work with all MPEG4 player. Do not use too less output, this looks awefull on a TV. However, do not use more than 720x576. Otherwise you hear only sound. This happens with a normal MPEG4 DVD Player. Too long films should be split to 2 or 3 CDs. At first time using DVDFab, i had a long experimental time to find out the best for me. Hope, you will find your best settings a bit faster… :slight_smile:
EDIT: I had speaking only about TV resolution. NOT other devices.