Avi format

I burnt a copy of road trip to my hard drive and then coded it with divix so it would only be around 700 mb but i want to burn it? it’s in avi so how do i do this?

How do you intend to play back the burned disc? (i.e. what hardware?)

Im going to play it back on my computer using cyber link dvd or windows media player I just dont want to movie taking up hard drive space so i want to burn it to dvd.

OK in that case you can get any old CD burning program (Nero, recordatonce, Roxio, whatever) and just burn it to a regular CD in the normal way.

Of course this will not play in your stand-alone DVD player.

i think the file is to big to fit on a cd and I dont have any lol I just got my computer and bought only dvd’s I was hoping I could fit like 3 or 4 or more 700 mb movies on a dvd but I dont know how to put in the menues and subtitles and every thing but for now I just would like to fit this movie on a dvd

You can burn these files onto a DVD in the normal way as just a regular file compilation, though you won’t get menus, subtitles, or the capability to play it on your regular stand alone DVD player.

There should not be any problem playing it using windows media player on your computer.

Also, you can still create a CD compilation in nero to see if it breaks the size of a CD-R without actuall burning anything.

Hi, My problem is a continuation of this. I would like to burn it to disk then play it on a DVD player.
Why will it not work and what do I have to do (if possible) to make it play.

Please start a new thread. Also see this guide.

I still cant get it to work not even with the nero demo i downloaded from their web site. Is their any way I can just turn the .avi into a iso image?