AVI film is crashing my pc

hi guys i have downloaded this film but when i try to open it or open the folder it’s in my explorer crashs so i tryed to force to change the code on it from Xvid to divx and it works it ok to watch but its jumpy as hell i put it though a DivXRepairer and it found loads of bad frames how can i repair it as the DivXRepairer did not repair it

many thanx

Change the FourCC code back to XVID, uninstall your current xvid codec and install the latest Xvid codec from http://roeder.goe.net/~koepi/xvid.shtml if you dont have that version.

Load the avi into VirtualDUB and under Video select Scan Video Stream for errors. Set the Video & Audio to Direct Stream Copy, then hit Save AVI. That sometimes helps.

You can also try DivFix to repair the avi.

yea brill the link worked and now my pc is fine but where do i find the VirtualDUB never used it before

VirtualDUB - http://www.virtualdub.org/

yea cool bit of software but i did wot you said but lol it look like the screen was melting and going all bocky but i give it that it’s not jumpy witch is wicked but how do i stop it from looking so bad

many thanx