Avi filesize to large

I made a dvd it was only 8 minutes long. then i ripped it onto my computer. converted it to and avi but now its like 6gigs. what can i do to shrink it without making it look like dog sh^t. i have no clue what to do. any help will be much appreciated.

When you converted it to AVI, it is supposed to be large. When you encode it back to dvd, it will be back to the size where it will fit on a dvd. What exactly are you attempting to do with the file?

Uncompressed AVI files are very large. Using an app like VirtualDub will enable you to convert it using a compression codec like Xvid or Divx, thus reducing the size to a fraction of it’s current size with very little loss of quality.

It sounds like you’ve converted it to an totally uncompressed AVI file format (aka raw video).

Avi2DVD will solve your woes, and you can delete the AVI when you are finished :slight_smile:
If you want to keep it as an avi, I suggest that you use virtualdub to convert the video to Divx or Xvid at a decent bitrate, like 2000Kb/s & the audio similarly, convert to MP3 or Ogg at 320KBps/ 160Kbps respectively.

It’ll probably be about 1/2 a GB after after the avi conversion->compressed avi.

I am trying to get the dvd on my computer to post on my dudes myspace. I made it on a dvd camcorder and edited with virtual dub. but it is 5.67gigs i must shrink the size by a ton how can i do it with virtual dub.

You question is vague what do mean by ton I won’t be surprised if you shrink the 5.67 Video file you have even by %50 which quality would be compromised. You have to specify how small you are trying to shrink your file.

I need it to be under 100mb

Click on video options->Compression & use divx/Xvid codec.
1200Kb/s variable (single pass or two pass) bitrate divx/xvid … should be fine :wink:
If it’s a bit pixellated, or the file is too large, you can use a filter to reduce the video resolution by 1/2 and do the same again, with a lower bitrate, like 1000Kb/s.

Do the same for sound, except Lame/Mp3 and use 128Kb/s or higher. (128 should be fine for a camcorder).