Avi FileSize Detected Much Larger in Nero

Hi guys. I’m hoping somebody may B able 2 shed some light on my problem.

Windows Explorer lists my avi file as being 729 229 312 bytes. When I drag it into Nero the SVCD lists the MPEG2 folder as being 1 199 228 928. This is obviously too big too burn on a regular CD. According to the following info for the file it should be able to be burned on a regular CD.

Is there a wise mentor who knows where my problem lies?

Thanx 4 looking.


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Episode II - The Clone War
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“””""" “”"""" “”"""" “”"""" “”"""" “”"""""""""""""""

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                   i]        ^^^88888888^^^     o  [i
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We’ll here it is…

Episode II - The Clone War

                          File Information

Type…: Movie
Video Format…: MPEG4
Codec…: XviD
Audio Format…: 5 channel AC3 @ 448 Kbps
Resolution…: 720x352 / Framerate of 23.976
Original Format…: NTSC
Genre…: Science Fiction
Size…: 695mb

                           Featured Film

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It has been a decade since the events of ‘BALANCE OF THE FORCE’ and the galaxy
has undergone significant change, as have our familiar heroes. Anakin Skywalker
has grown into an accomplished apprentice of Obi-Wan Kenobi, who himself has
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When Padme Amidala’s life is threatened by a faction of political separatists,
Anakin and Obi-Wan who reunited with her for the first time since the invasion
of Naboo, assigned with her protection. As the galaxy teeters on the brink of
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forbidden love. Now these two heroes face choices that will not only forever
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    which a vast amount of character and plot have been drastically changed. The
    once obvious relationship between Count Dooku and Lord Sidious has been made
    less prominent, in turn this adds to the tragic story of Count Dooku. Once again
    the story seems to flow at a pace that matches that of The Original Trilogy. In
    addition, a majority of the ‘deleted-scenes’ have been deftly reintegrated into
    the film and several scenes and bits of dialogue (that fans have deemed
    unnecessary or plain ridiculous) have been trimmed or cut to enhance the overall
    feel of the story. ‘The Clone War’ has become what some may see as a more mature
    and true continuance of the Star Wars Saga.

MagnoliaFan’s masterful yet chillingly dark vision of ‘Attack of the Clones’ may
be considered to be the DEFINITIVE version of STAR WARS: Episode Two.

                             Release Notes

WHY not DVD?

  • That’s the first thought you just had huh?

The reasons

  • I don’t want to this this on eBay plain and simple
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  • I’m getting a new DVD player that can play Divx/Xvid with ac3

AND this XVID can easily be converted to VCD or DVD with the right softwarez.

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So the breakdown -

In this torrent you’ll find

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THANKS for your interest and…




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                           Post Information

Posted by…: Rikter Blaksvn

Smackin’ down the forces of the Darkside!



You will have to recode in Nerovision Express. A VCD only holds 60 minutes of video and a SVCD only holds 30 minutes, so you will need more than one CD.

Sorry, I meant transcode in Nerovision Express.

I dont think there was any need for quoting the nfo file from the avi you downloaded, as the releaser comes across as very anoying, also the info is of no use.

As for the encoding problem with any svcd, when you have added an avi file, select the “more” button then “video options” the “super video cd”, change “quality setting” to custom, now change the the “bit rate” to a lower figure and it will then resize the final mpeg file.

Make sure you have he latest version of the codec used by any avi file installed, otherwise NVE3 may crash/error during transcoding.

[QUOTE=skywalka]Hi guys. I’m hoping somebody may B able 2 shed some light on my problem.

Windows Explorer lists my avi file as being 729 229 312 bytes. When I drag it into Nero the SVCD lists the MPEG2 folder as being 1 199 228 928. This is obviously too big too burn on a regular CD. According to the following info for the file it should be able to be burned on a regular CD.

Is there a wise mentor who knows where my problem lies?

Thanx 4 looking.[/q]

  • First, I have to ask could you please remove my email from your post as I think it may be grabbed by bots…

Second - I have full DVD versions directly from MagnoliaFan :stuck_out_tongue:

Drop me an email :smiley:

the file is an xvid, which is MPEG4. To burn to a cd simply select a data disk setting and burn the AVI to the disk. It will fit, but the disadvantage is it will only play on a standalone capable of playing XVID. If you want to change the video format to MPEG2 (losing quality in the process) then burn as vcd, svcd or dvd. It will take a lot more space, maybe 2 or 3 cds or 1 dvd, and quality will suffer, but it will then play on most standalone dvd players. Hope this Helps.

Sorry, but there doesn’t seem 2 B an edit option.

Thanx 4 replying nuggetregae.

I am curious. Will the MPEG2 B 2 or 3 times bigger because the XVID codec is 2 or 3 times more efficient?

& will the MPEG2 lose quality because it is not as good a codec or because whenever U convert the format U lose quality (or both).

Thanx again.

MPEG4 (XVID and others) is a more compressed format than MPEG2

You may lose a little quality going from MPEG4 (xvid) to MPEG2 due to transcoding, but it shouldn’t be too bad.

Vidoe compression uses “lossy” techniques (lossless techniques are like file compression e.g. winzip). The original uncompressed file (or video stream) will consist of a series of pictures (just like an old cine film). Compression software analyses them and will record the first frame. In the second frame, the software will only record the parts of the picture that has changed significantly i.e. moving parts. Minor differences are ignored and not recorded, and so some quality is lost.

Thus as you compress, you must lose some quality. In reverse, in theory, you should not lose quality, but you cannot recover the quality lost in the original compression. In fact, you will still lose some quality (how much depends on the quality of the transcoding software and codecs), but this is not usually as much as lost in the original compression.

Thanx Oilman.

That’s very interesting. I have a better understanding now.