AVI Files Won't Play

Hi, I am in need of some help please. I’ve never had a problem before when backing up AVI files to DVD. I am not trying to convert the files to VCD, etc… just back them up, so that i can play them in AVI directly from DVD. The files play fine from my maxtor harddrive. But when I burn them to DVD, most of the files won’t play and lockup winamp or windows media player. I have made 3 DVD coasters in attempts to backup avi files. I am using a Plextor 708UF drive. I have backed up using Roxio 6 Creator Classic, and Drag-to-Disc, as well as Windows drag & drop from harddrive to DVD burner. I also downloaded burn4free which isn’t compatible with my drive, and a player i think was called VCL - they wouldn’t play on here either. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



Please help!

Try to use different media. Probably your discs are bad quality, so your burners turned into coasters.

i’ve used the media for other projects w/ no prob. they are Philips. but i’ll give it a shot… thanks!