AVI Files to dvd

Hello fellow pirates,

can you help? I have around 20 avi files that i want to burn to dvd and watch on a home dvd player. each file is around 350mb so im hoping i can fit quite a few on to each dvd. Now before i go and waste any blanks doing a bit of trial and error, i was hoping anyone could gimme some tips. Im using nero 6.
do i need 2 convert them ? if so what do i use?

here you go , you scurvy lad

Unfortunatlly I got a little bit of bad news for you. The avi file may be 350mb, but when they are conveted to dvd compliant mpeg2, they will be more like 1.5-2 gig each. You might get 3 on a disk. Thats just the cost of it being playable in any dvd player.
Also a tip, if you don’t like the sucky nero menu graphics, thiers an option to use still captures from your video and or a short video capture with sound for your background. you can also use still captures for the buttons. If you cannot find this option let me know and I’ll see where it is.
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You can just convert them into (s)vcd mpeg files with an applicationlike tmpeg enc and then use a proggie like DVD Lab to make a dvd compliant compilation with menus and all.

Read the faqs in the corresponding forum here and the tutorial at the DVD Labs site

Will that allow you to get more content on one disk ore something?

This type of file should be smaller yes, but not as small as the original avi file.

I can confirm this. A 350mb avi file converted to SVCD will be about 750mb (assuming it was a 1 hour (with ads) TV show or similar.

Authoring with DVDlab Pro will get you 5 or 6 shows on a DVD, although the process it has to go thru’ is time consuming.

Rather than waste media get some good rewritable DVDs & burn on those until you are happy with the process. I can recommed Verbatim +RW 4x (order code 43228)

Another option would be to buy one of the newer DVD players with Divx\Xvid\AVI compatability.
I just got a Phillips DVP642 37 at walmart for $58.00 US

I fit 12 episodes of “Lost” on one DVD. These are Xvid/AVI format files and all are 350MB each.

The Phillips DVP642 37 loads a menu that looks similar to windows file explorer. You select your movie file from there, and it plays. Or if you have “playback control” enabled on your remote, the first file plays as soon as you load your DVD.
I burned these 12 AVI files into the root directory of the DVD blank.
I used Nero, and burned using the following selection:
“DVD-ROM/UDF” and left all the other tabs as default. I burned at half the maximum speed. (It showed 8x for a 4x DVD) I know I could have burned at 8x, but I have more confidence with a slower speed to, (hopefully), produce less errors.
These DVD’s play fine. I have 30 episodes on these DVD’s and they all play as good as the original file plays on my PC.

EDIT: The above Philips player doesn’t like this particular brand/type:
Maxell DVD-RW. I don’t have any other RW DVD discs, so I dont know if the player has problems with them.
I use, (and have always used), DVD+R discs. These play fine on my Philips player.