AVI files to DVD quickly




i have some home movies in .AVI format that i am putting onto DVD for relatives. I use DVDSanta at the moment but it seems to take ages im sure there is a quicker program out there.

One such file is a wedding video so is nearly 2 hours long so they arent just quick short movies.

For DVDSanta it takes about an 1.5 hours/ 2 hours to encode and then another 15-20 mins to burn but prompts me to burn first so i cant even just leave it running.

Can anybody else reccommend any other software out there that will do the job i want alot quicker, prefarably freeware but i dont mind paying a little bit of money if its going to get me results quicker in future home movies.




It would help if you can give the specifications of your computer. The speed of converting AVI files to DVD (vob) format is many times more dependent on hardware than software. If you had a multicore processor then using programs that take advantage of them will greatly increase encoding speed.


It takes me around 30 minutes to convert a 700MB .avi using VSO ConvertXtoDVD.


Using QuEnc and FAVC I did 8 20 minute TV episodes to a DVD in about an hour and a half, Athlon 64 @ 1.8 GHz.


If you are doing AVI for Weddings n you be useing a camera then use “ProShow Gold”…