Avi files problem

G’day all
My problem is: when I click on an avi file, no matter if I double click, single click or right click, the whole screen goes black and it comes back to the desktop. The file cannot be open or deleted by normal means. Any ideas???
I’ll appreciate any help.

Possibly a corrupt codec.

I had a corrupt Xvid codec & every time I hovered over or clicked on an avi file with that codec it crashed Explorer.

I eventually uninstalled the codec & physically deleted any remains & reinstalled & it was fine.

G’day Tim
Thankyou for answering. How can I find the bad codec and where? Do I uninstall/delete them all and start over with them? I dont know where to start.

I’d work on the assumption that it’s Xvid as that’s the most common one in use.

I’d find the latest version from the net & try installing that to start with.

If that works then you’re OK , however it didn’t for me so I tried removing via add/remove programs & then deleted the xvid*.* files in system32 that remained. These maybe is a sub-folder.

I then installed from scratch.

Well it was sometime ago so I think this was how I went about it.

Hi there
I uninstalled a codec pack (ff something) and it worked. I still don’t know what else it will affect, but for the moment it’s sweet.

You can close the thread now.