AVI files playing in b&w OR color shifted in WMP11



Hey folks!

Ok, just got a Gainward Golden Sample 6800GT video card, I DID have an Chaintech FX5200 PErsonal Cinema…anyway, card works great, BUT all my previous AVI files now play in black and white OR color shifted (sample below) on Windows Media Player 11 ONLY. DivX player plays them fine!! They convert to DVD-vob format just fine. This is an inconvenience considering I prefer WMP11.

  1. I have, of course, installed the newest forceware (93.71), I have tried 83.62, but my card is unrecognized.
  2. I have reinstalled XVid, to no avail
  3. I am running Nvidia Video Decoder. (nvviddec.ax version is 4020.150.0.0)

Again, I CAN run them in DivX Player and encode, edit, etc…MPG files seem to be fine…



UPDATE: Rolled back to WMP10…not a solution, but it will work for now…just installed 233 version of Nvidia PureVideo decoder for the heck of it…but now all I have to do is reinstall WMP11…aaargh


I had a similar problem with a driver update a long time ago and I can barely remember the solution, so be patient. Somewhere in the nVidia control panel there is a tab where you set color and such. It has that square box at the upper right. Somewhere to the left there is an option to check something that has to do with the desktop. This solved my problem. Sorry I cannot be of more help as the current computer has ATI. Good luck.



Then uncheck Use Overlays in DVD Video AND Video Acceleration