Avi files - mpeg?

hi , can anybody please tell me how to convert a avi file into a mpeg or dvd so i can copy to disc… roxio,nero and boilsoft avi conferter could not do the job but divex pro player, played the data perfect but i want to drop it into roxio dvd builder to put onto a disc :doh: this is probebly a stupid question but can somebody please explain or recomend a programme, thanks in advance all the best neal…

Look here:


Good luck. :wink:

[EDIT] The Film Machine isn’t bad, very simple and it’s free.

You can use this wonderfull program:

download last free version here:

VSO DivxToDVD changes history

DivxToDVD 1.99.13 :

  • fix a problem with more than 1 subtitle per title

DivxToDVD 1.99.12 :

  • Fixed a crash when reading some subtitles files that left divxtodvd non-responsive
  • Added definition of font/color/size/style on a per subtitle channel basis (select the subtitle channel in the tree and click once …)
  • Fixed issue on subtitles color (Red and Blue component was exchanged)
  • Fixed issue with word wrapping on long subtitle lines.

Version 1.99.11 - Major pre-release.

  • Added subtitles support (srt format) - up to 32 subtitles channels, switchable on dvd
  • Added language definition for all audio/subtitles tracks
  • fixed engine issues for improved playability (smoother video, fixes audio problems, fixes timing (shaky video) problem, fixes chapters problem, …)
  • improved preview window, now previewing up to 30 fps
  • user interface totally redesigned, with full support of drag/drop operations and dockable panels
  • integration of a burning engine based on VSO burning SDK
  • Shareware - the trial version add a watermark on the video and run half the speed of the registered version
  • Lot of settings added - min/avg/max bitrate, font for the subtitles, target size, include originals on dvd, burn after conversion, …

Version 0.5.2

  • minor changes, translation etc…

Version 0.5.0

  • last free version ( so keep it in a safe place )
  • better support for DV files
  • support new file formats
  • engine updated
  • translations updated
  • fix the problem with AVAST
    antivirus running ( AVCODEC can’t load )

DVDsanta. Reliable, good quality and easy to use.

Good luck.

thanks all for the help, :clap: ive been on me hols so sorry for slow reply