AVI files having audio delay

Hi all names Rod and am 39 and from essex.Having afew probs when creating movies with nero.The sound is out of time when playing,meaning sound plays before there lips move.Help a dude out here guys and girls.Thanks… :sad:

Hi Rod and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Are these .avi files, or .avi that were converted to DVD?

These were AVI files :smiley:

If you are playing them back on your PC then try VideoLAN VLC (free) and see whether the delay persists.

PS I altered your thread title to be more explanatory… :wink:

these files were in zip form, i unzipped them and then used nero to create the movie. So being a novice where would Videolan (VLC) come into it. :):slight_smile:

It’s a tool for playing .avi and other video on your PC. It has its own audo and video decoding routines which are known to be very stable and give good results.

One of the possibilities for the out of sync audio is that the decoders on your PC might not be all that great (particularly if you have loaded some sort of codec pack). Using VLC would tell us if that is the problem.

If not, then it is probably the encoding of the .avi which is at fault.