AVI Files/DVD to watch on TV/Nero/Encoding

I’ve got a bunch of .avi files on my PC that I would like to burn to a DVD so I can watch them on my TV.

I’ve got an Xbox 360, PS2 and Phillips DVD Player to play the DVD on, a bunch of DVD-RW (I want to remove the stuff after i’ve watched it) and Nero Ultimate 7 burning software.

So far the only way (that I can see anyway) to burn a video to DVD so that it can be viewed on a TV is using the “Make Your Own DVD-Video” option, which takes forever as it appears to be playing video file as it records.

The video is 45mins long and I have another 10 or so, and doing it this way would take forever.

My question is, is there any way to make a DVD that will play on “most DVD players” without having to watch the video file as it burns.
From looking @ what is going on in the software it looks like the avi is being “transcoded” and then I assume it will then be burnt to the DVD. Is there any way/software etc. to transcode the avi files I have before burning them to the DVD using Nero, hopefully stopping this annoying wait.

NO. It must be converted to DVD format (.vob files). I have some AVI files (music videos) to convert also. My problem has been audio sync. I have tried several programs and still have problems. I used nero to make a DVD from an AVI and it worked fine. But I want to add chapters and stuff in DVD lab and no dice. The results are unacceptable. You should just use nero and be patient. You are going to erase it anyway!

when you click “make yur own dvd video” and import the .avi files, it’s not simple playing the files as it records.

it has to convert the files to dvd format and also transcode to accomodate for compression, etc.

set it up and let the program run overnight if it bugs you.

another option would be to just burn the avi as data. some dvd players will play media files like .avi or will show .jpeg files. I wouldn’t do this if you were giving the disc to someone though…only if you knew your player supported it.

Now you know why they give Oscars for things like editing, sound etc.etc.

Some philips player can play divx, xvid etc. what model do you have? You might be able to burn a data disk which takes no time at all. Otherwise, everyone is right, you have to transcode it and there is no way of making it go faster except a faster computer. Transcoding is very dependant on the speed of your computer. What nero is doing that takes so long is converting the avi file to an mpeg2 file (which is what dvd uses). That is what takes so long. The rest of the process is minor time wise in comparison.

Already tried burning the avi to a data DVD and play it in the DVD player but it wouldn’t.

Would it be possible to use some software (such as Xilisoft) to convert the avi files to .vob or MPEG2 (not sure which one, both were mentioned)? Would this mean Nero wouldn’t have to transcode before burning?

Nero unfortunatlly always transcodes before burning. You can convert it to an mpeg2 file and use authoring software to create the dvd structure though (in fact doing it manually in steps with diffrent programs is the prefered way of doing it but the all in one programs like nero are easier to use). A .vob file is an mpeg file. You can take a .vob file off a dvd, change the file extention to mpeg or mpg (cannot remember which, maybe both), and ther you go, you have an mpeg file. No conversion is nesasary as they are identical file types with diffrent extentions. I think tmpgenc is one of the prefered softwares to convert. Once you have mpeg files (dvd can use mpeg 1 or 2 but 2 gives a lot beter video), you basically just need to author it (create the menu and directory support files).
Here are some guides to help you beter understand the process.

It all sounds abit complicated the conversion stuff for an amateur like me lol, think I’ll just let Nero do it all for me and like suggested leave it on over night.

Thanks for all the advice.

It is a bit complicated. thats why the all in one converters like nero are so popular. It is suposed to be easier the hard way once you know what you are doing, but learning it is the hard part. Personally, I do it the easy way too (I use nero the most but sometimes it won’t like a particular file type so I have tried other all in one converters). One other thing. You still have to convert your avi to mpeg and that takes time, period. You might get it done a little faster than nero but dont expect it to go substantially faster the hard way. If the time is what bothers you you wouldn’t get a huge improvment from doing it manually. About the only thing that can help transcoding is a faster computer (same with avi to mpeg conversion, it is dependant on the power of your computer for speed).

You might like to try dvdSanta, which will take .avi and transcode to DVD in considerably less than real time.

dont let nero crompress the file save them to hard drive and do it with shrink as ive found the are no voice syncing problems that way
i got 14g of Ali g.avi stuff to fit on on dvd-r that way


Now that looks interesting.

I’ll give it a test and report back.

I managed to get the 11 .avi’s I had onto a DVD using Nero perfectly. No problems, just took a while. Was worth it though.

Outside of nero, dvd santa seems to be the one I hear mentioned the most so I imagine it does a good job. If you convert very much stuff with the all in one converters you will probably wind up using a couple of programs anyway. Occationally nero will run across a file it doesn’t like and it will not be able to add it (same thing happens with the other programs too though).