.avi file plays from HD but not when burnt to cd

I am a newbie to this forum. I have an .avi file that plays fine from my harddrive but when I burn it to cd-r with nero 6 at 4x the file will not play. I have nimo codec pack installed on my system. I have never had this problem before. Any suggestion? I have done a search in forums but cannot find any information. Thanks

hi :bow:

may be your cd drive may not read the avi file, if u convert the file to mpeg this may solve the problem. the best easy to use program out there is tmpg encoder this has a step by step wizard that will help u through the steps, for a 600mb avi movie it will take about 120 mins on a 1.8gb pc.

have fun :o

  1. make sure you have the latest version of nero (check for updates at www.ahead.de)

  2. What operating system are you using? What type of player are you using to view the files? (Windows media player, Media Player Classic, BSPlayer, DivX Player, TCMP?)

  3. Try different CD media.

  4. From what I have read, codec packs can cause all sorts of weird problems. I prefer to install codecs individually. www.videohelp.com has links to just about any codec you might need, as well as Media Players and more. If you must use A Codec Pack, Try the K-Lite, or just use TCMP. TCMP will install the most commonly needed codecs (xvid, divx, matroska, ogg vorbis).

  5. Use a program like CD Check (look in the software link from the cdfreaks home page) to compare the burned file with the original.

Good Luck!

Thanks for your help, people. I will try the conversion but I would prefer to find a way to solve this . I am using the Videolan player. It plays just about any file or cd I have ever had. I have a P3 933 MHz system running Windows Me and a Samsung CD-R/RW SW 408B 8-8-32 burner. My system has 384 meg ram. I can play just about every mpg or avi file that I have ever burned, just the odd one that does not work. I also wonder why a codec would work when playing a file from HD but not when playing a cd?