.avi file out of sync

I downloaded a .avi file and when I play it the audio is out of sync with the video. Is there any software I could use to fix this problem? I eventually would like to burn it to dvd. Thanks to all in advance for your help!!!

Try some of these solutions: http://www.gromkov.com/faq/faq2004-0064.html
though the versions of the software may be a little out of date since that article was published.

YAAI is up to now, and can be found here: http://yaai.sourceforge.net/

Or look up how to correct audio/video synch using Vdub. Look at the guides for using it at videohelp.com or doom9.org

Converting to dvd is another task, and can be done with commercial programs like ConvertXtoDVD or free ones like DVDFlick.