Avi file---mpeg file?

Hello all, I am newbie.

I recently picked up a dvd burner, (I would like to collect all the startreks, to watch on home dvd player),
After buying a package of dvd+r, i find I am not able to watch on stand alon dvd player, so I picked up dvd-r, now it works with mpeg files, but not avi files, the disc is burning and playing in computer but not in 5 year old sony dvd player, but the mpeg file does just fine.
I was told to convert it , can some one tell me how??
thank you in advance, I am leaving town for weekend but will be back sunday to check .
thanks Tate.
PS. I am useing LG burner with lightscribe and the software that came with it, nero.

Welcome to CDF: Please note it’s a little hard for people to respond the best way they can if the original poster is not reasonably available to answer any questions.
Anyway - Not all stand-alone players will play all formats and there are so many variables that even if it says it plays a format, you may still have problems (e.g. quality of media used, burning speed, out of date firmware or buggy burning software, etc.) Plus, AVI files need to be recoded.

What version of Nero was bundled with your burner?

If you’re using Nero, here is the link for Nero Recode help file:

Home players are not as flexible as PC drives when it comes to file formats they can handle, but if you found yours can play the mpegs you’re fine.
About the DVD+R
Old home players could play -r and not +R
The way to solve it and use the discs you bought is to do the burns in a way your home player “sees” them as a DVD-video.
This can be done through bitsetting - but the possibility to do that depends on your drive and the firmware version it has.
Some drives can do it some not, and some can do with a particular version of the firmware.
For some drives you can find modified firmware that can add the facility - but you may be cautious and know what you are doing (if you decide to do it, because it will spoil the guaranty).
Find if your drive can do it, and if so use the facility. Your discs will be seen as DVD-Rom in a PC drive and as a DVD-Video in a home player, even if not supporting DVD+R.

Thanks for the help jef5304, I will try that today.

The simplest way to convert avis is with divxtodvd After you convert then burn using bitsetting if your dvd burner supports it.

Hello Brocktate…

I use WinAVI Video Converter which is quite good and fast. It’ll convert most files