AVI File has encryption

My son (USNavy) used a ripper program (don’t know which one since it was done a while ago and the drive was formatted and he doesn’t have it anymore) to copy one of his dvd movies prior to shipping out. The dvd was damaged during his tour so he threw it out and emailed me a copy of the file he had created on his laptop harddrive (in .avi format) so I could make a new copy for him. However, the AVI file has the green encryption on it and no ripper program I have for files on the harddrive rather than from a dvd disc can encrypt and burn it now.

Are there any programs (for purchase or free) that can rip the encryption out of an .avi file or are we stuck having to try to find the movie now on another dvd to purchase and copy? I’ve been all over the net for a week trying various searches trying to find something that will give me a clue about whether this can be done, and all searches end up with only showing me dvd rippers…not file rippers that already exist on the harddrive.

Thanks for any and all suggestions…

I’ve never heard of an encrypted avi. Are you sure you have the correct codec installed to watch the movie? Open the avi in Gspot to find out. You can get it here http://www.headbands.com/gspot/

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I’m not sure I understand the problem though. If there’s encryption in the .avi copy then it must have been present before it was emailed to you.

Can your son watch the .avi he has on his laptop…? It’s not clear why the file picked up such encryption on its way through the internet.

I think you quoted your own answer.

try to find the movie now on another dvd to purchase and copy?


are you sure you don’t mean you want to view the avi file maybe in vob format so you can watch it on a regular dvd player…if so …maybe what you wanted to say…is what do you use for such a thing
if that is the case …
I use Win Avi its pretty easy to use and so far always great results…

Somethings are best if they are left unclear.

pcwarfare it’s best if you follow [B]alan1476[/B] advise and try to find the movie now on another dvd to purchase and copy? Don’t waste your time The File is Encrypted with EFS. :slight_smile:

More information via email from my son. When he used the old ripper program he had (he doesn’t even recall the name of it), it saved the file on his harddrive as an .avi file instead of VOB. At the time, he was new to this and didn’t think it strange since he was used to .avi files anyhow. He used EZCD DVD Builder (ver 6) to burn it once to a disk and thought the disc would be viewable. He left the original movie dvd at home (which then was ruined), took his laptop out to ‘blue water’ and attempted to view the movie with the burned disc and got a green screen in Media Player, indicating encryption. He tossed the cd overboard like a frisbee, and figured he would just watch it from the .avi file on his harddrive.

However, nothing would open the file. Media Player gave the window that it encountered an error and would close, so he emailed the movie file to me (even with broadband, it was more than a couple of hours to get it)…it was renamed and given a temporary new extension of .zip until I got it, renamed the extension back to .avi (I do this frequently with .exe files since many isp’s now block them). I have many conversion programs and viewers here on my system, and each one either gives me an immediate ‘unknown error’ window when I try to access the file or the program ‘hangs’ for a very long time as either unresponding or I manually end task the program itself because it takes an unreasonable amount of time to see any action at all. EZCD DVD Builder also gives an error, and DVD Santa, Studio 9 (patched), you name it all refuse to even load it.

Because he was able to burn it once to a dvd disc and then only saw green on the screen, it was my assumption that encryption wasn’t removed/ripped from the process, so I figured I would come in here to see if there is anything out there, even if I had to purchase the program, that could take the encryption out of a file on the harddrive. I’ve also checked the properties of the file and the details tab gives a statement that not all information is available for it, so I don’t know anything about the file at this point to even know what program was involved in creating it or the format used for it.

Guess I’ll be shopping to look for a new copy of the movie for him…maybe I can find it in our local Walmart still. Thanks for the suggestions though. Sorry I didn’t have more information to give when I first posted about it.