Avi File Fixes?

Does anyone know how to fix the sound for a avi file? When i try to open the avi file, it says connecting to codec server and downloads a codec everytime, after that it plays with NO SOUND. Can anyone help me??? Thanks…

Try using Nimo’s Codec Pack. It has most of the codecs you would need. Although you may need to upgrade to DivX 5.02, as the included version is 5.01.

Well I’m not too sure about sound, but whenever I have a damaged or incomplete avi file, I always use Divx Fix, its 1.7 now. For asf files, use AsfTools. I don’t know what to do bout sound, I know virtualdub can do repair too, maybe it can also do something for sound.

Ja ne

or maybe there isnt any sound there to find :wink:

where do you get those tools?

i always head to www.divx-digest.com for tools and news

http://www.doom9.org has a good selection too.