AVI file editing



I am looking for a software that i can cut out parts of an AVI file without converting it. I have a movie i want to cut the first 6 minutes and 22 seconds off. Can anyone help me? Please




I tried it but the only way i could get so that the video and audio was smooth made the file huge the 5 minutes i tried was like 8 GB. All I want to do is cut out parts i don’t want to convert anything.


load your video into virtualdub. From the Video tab select Direct Stream Copy. Do the same with the audio. Hit the <_ button so set your mark in at the beginning of the video. Move the slider to the end of the part you want to cut out, hit the _> button to set mark out. Hit the delete button on your keyboard. Now go to File > Save AVI > and save.


I just didn’t know how to use the software i got it thanks it works great


i was wondern if u knew how to load a avi file to virtual dub . i get a error message wen i try



To load a file in virtualdub is very simple: choose “open” from file menu. If you get an error on opening, maybe your file is an .asf video, a format incompatible with virtualdub for licensing issues.


What error exactly do you get?