Avi --> DVD

Say I have 5 AVIs on my PC (baby videos to be precise) how can I write them to a DVD in order to watch on TV? I’ve got Alcohol 120% which I’ve backed up a couple of games with successfully, and Daemon Tools which kind of does stuff, but I can’t find software anywhere that write files to DVDs - I’ve searched, but all they ever seem to mention is ripping and writing ISOs, or directly cloning a DVD.

So, are there any tools that let you write DVDs from a video file? Remember, I have 5 videos. They could be strung together but I’d rather have them accessible from a menu if that’s in any way possible.

ATM, I have DeepDVD installed, and I think I can make an ISO from that and write the ISO using Alcohol - but I’m really confused, and I’m not sure if it’ll work with multiple AVI files. Thanks in advance.

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I use WinAVI to convert my .avi to vob files and then burn them. There are others i’m sure someone else will mention.

For converting AVI to DVD, you need authoring software. There are many. Some offer more editing abilities, some offer more special effects, some are just down and dirty converters. You can go to www.videohelp.com, and check out the tools section, and the forum and find out anything that you want to know about converting avi to dvd. After you check there, you can come back and ask more specific questions.