Avi' Dvd

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I am rather new to this whole DVD burning and I am wonder if it is possible to burn more than 4 hours onto a DVD-R disc (4 avi files 375 MB each). Whenever I use Nero Express, it only allows me to put in a max of 3 hours and when I drag more into it, it said not enough space, etc.

Can someone tell me how because I have purchase drama dvd’s and they are able to put 6 avi files (about 4.5 hours) onto one DVD and I don’t know how :confused: ?

But anyways thanks for looking and helping! :iagree: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Do you want to have the avi files on your dvd or you’d like to convert to dvd?
If you just like to burn the avi files on the dvd, you can burn them in Nero as a Data DVD,
for example!

And, if you use DVDShrink, you can compress what you have and put more stuff on one DVD with very little quality loss.

Sure, you can put more than 4 hours on a disc, but it would be a significant quality hit, which might be why Nero won’t let you do it. It’s really pushing it for a single layer DVD. Store-bought TV show DVDs, 99% of the time are dual layer, which can store twice the information. You could invest in a dual layer burner and media, or just stick with what you have and not try to pack so much on.

I think it the best idea in this case. A solution that works, and it is the quickest and most quality-saving way.
Just to give you an idea. Just the other day I have converted a home video (.avi) file (size approximately same as you mentioned in your post) to DVD and it took me 1 hour 12 mins. And of course another 8-10 mins to burn.

wow thank you for all the replies!
Yes they are in avi format and I will try all the tips!

thanks again! :iagree: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

I have DVD’s with four movies - about 5-6 hours worth. They are not of standard DVD quality, but they are certainly watchable - about the quality of VCR. I use TMPG to encode the AVI’s to MPG burnable DVD’s. TMPG Source Creator is probably the easiest to use. I use TMPG DVD author to create the DVD’s from the MPG’s, then Nero to burn.