Avi - dvd question


I downloaded some .avi’s. im looking to make a compilation on one dvd disk. The avi’s are approx 22 minutes long and are around 140mbit in size. I know how to change them to vob files ect (cheers for the guide chickenman!) but the problem is getting these onto the 1 dvd disk, I’ve got 8 episodes/avi’s but I can only fit 3 on a standard dvd using certain settings!

Anyone know how I can get more eps on a dvd? they are southpark episodes so the quality doesn’t have to be the highest. Am I doin it the wrong way? (using tmpg plus and auther software but have nero ect)

I have checked the forum and not really found anything relevant to this.


Just use lower bit rates when encoding to DVD

Check out this bit rate calculator here

hi I have tried that using nreo and it wont let me go down past 3000!

I’ll need to have a play about with the other software i have and find out if they can let me reduce the size and quality.

Do u think it would be possible to get say 6 eps on a dvd to watch on my standalone and still have a fairly decent quality? or maybe even all 8?

thats for the help mate!


8 episodes at 22 mins each will mean the DVD would be nearly 3 hours long. To get this on one DVD would result in you setting the bitrate for video at 3100 kbit/s and audio at 192Kbit/s.

You should be able to encode at lower bit rates with TMPGENc Plus

Have you thought of putting 4 episodes over 2 discs? This will result in each of your Discs having the bit rates at 6500. This will retain the quality of your videos if they are good quality to begin with


4 per dvd would be ok. I’m sure the quiality of these is pretty good, I will have a look into it 2night using TMPGENc Plus.

I cant find anywhere that gives you a guide on how to set the bitrate with this though.

will keep looking aswell



You can decrease the bitrate & the resolution easily with TMPGEnc, use the unlocked template!
I’ve managed to transform all 24 Episodes of ENTERPRISE Season 3 to 3 Video-DVDs. Source was DivX 5.x & AC3 sound mainly.
No visible quality loss compared to the originals and every Ep is approx 45 mins long.
Ergo approx 360 min stuff on every DVD. :wink:

For what a guide?
Just use the Calculator & set the bitrate. :slight_smile: