AVI>DVD - Nero 7 - Sound messed up on one player

Hi. I have a silly problem. I have about 20 or so .avi movie files that a friend gave me and I want to convert each to its own DVD format to play in a standalone player. Looks simple, right? Well, I’ve gone through about 10 so far with great success but now I’m stumped on this one particular movie. Am using Nero Vision (from their Nero7 Ultra offering) into a Lite-On SHM 165HS6S burner on an Athlon 3400+ using XP Pro completely updated as of today. I’ve burned this movie twice with the exact same results. The video came out fine but…

On my Philips VCR/DVD player model DVP3050V/37 the playback sound on this one particular movie is horrid! Sounds like a loud whispering noise covered up by a “swooshing” noise when the actors or voice over is heard. Audio is mostly unintelligible. Now the same DVD+r plays fine in the computer. And, then at a suggestion from someone else, I went out to the local WalMart and picked up an el-cheapo $29.99 Magnavox DVD player. (isn’t that amazing what they’ve come down to?) Surprisingly, the sound is fine on that inexpensive player.

What is this? Does this happen often? Is it an encoding problem on the .avi? Is it an audio codec gone bad? Should I be looking at some audio setup snafu on the Philips? Is this an incompatibility problem with the Philips (which is a really nice combo player). I can’t believe that the more expensive player gags while the el-cheapo is clear as day!

How about some hints? What should I look for in settings, configurations, etc? Thanks very much everyone for such a nice place to visit.

I guess I just don’t get this problem!

I went out and grabbed another converter software (ConvertXtoDVD) and tried that. With either Nero or ConvertX, I can’t get good audio on the Phillips (for my main TV/viewing in the living room) on certain AVIs for some reason. Over Christmas, there was a nice sale on 7" portables so I grabbed a second one for the basement. This rotten audio quirk doesn’t happen on every single conversion, just some - a few. And strangely, as a rule, the same converted AVI (DVD) has nice audio on the cheapies and is garbage on the more expensive (and assumedly more sophisticated) Phillips. I’ve tried adjusting all the audio playback settings on the Phillips too.

I just wonder if there’s anything you can do about it short of buying a new combo unit? I also wonder if there’s some way for me to tell if the audio is going to be bad (what characteristics I should look for) so I won’t bother to download or convert these? Appreciate any insight. Thanks.