Avi --> dvd format?

i want to put an avi into dvd format so i can burn it onto a dvd. i downloaded winavi and converted everything, burn the vob files etc using nero when i put it into my dvd player, it plays for 15 seconds then freezes. if i fast forward it will play again, then freeze a few seconds later. should i try to convert the files again? what do i do?

Try using Nero Vision to do this. It works good.

yea, i got that… but i have no clue how to use it.

hi use dvd santa it works a treat ive tried all the others and thats the best one.

hi you mentioned nero vision do you know why i cant install it. it just comes up half way through saying error installing tempelates

Try to make sure the file can be played normally on your pc after the conversion.
If it can’t,maybe something wrong with conversion.If it can maybe something wrong with burn.

Hello mate. Just wondered if you could tell me why when i try to convert avi, mpeg etc to dvd using nero 6.6 it goes all good for 5 minutes then says it cant create a disc stucture.

What application are you using from Nero 6.6?
Do you have the SE or the full version?
The application shall be Nero Vision Express 3, as you can see here:
Your AVI shall come from a DV camera or have the specification to allow the creation of MPEG 2 DVD compatible files, in principle.
You can’t create VOB files and get a DVD, by yourself.
Nero recode can use VOBs, but you have to look after what you need to get a DVD from those files, because there are more files in a DVD structure than VOBs…