AVI-DVD - Audio is "in front" of the video



Downloaded an AVI movie. Converted it with WinAVI - after updating the DivX driver. Burned the Video_TS contents to the DVD with Nero 6.0.0. DVD plays but the audio is about 5-6 seconds ahead of the video so it’s out of synch. How do I get the two to “synch”? Audio_TS in the Nero compilation was blank.

Completely new to this though I’ve done hundreds of CDs. Great tutorial found here on this site showing the basics of how to set up Nero. Excellent IMO and my thanks to who ever took the time to jot down the precise steps. Now just hoping to figure out this audio/video synch issue.

Hope someone can suggest something.


I ran GSpot on the .AVI to see how it is encoded: Here’s the GS output:


Anyone notice something out of whack? Also, I cold booted the computer. Killed off any unneeded process so that nothing else is going on while I convert and burn. Ran through the entire sequence again. Audio is still ahead of the video by about 5-10 seconds - the lag seems to get slightly greater as the movie plays though I haven’t been able to really tell. This video lag also occurs when I play the avi with Windown MediaPlayer 9 on the computer too so that may be a key here. Perhaps the computer is too slow??? Since I’ve burned this movie 3 times now, I notice that the movie will “freeze” at the same point a few times. (I haven’t watched it all the way through - ony about 15 minutes worth). Is that a clue?

I really thought I could get away with this without having to get into “authoring” as an additional step. Is that where I’m failing? Do you have to go through that step every time? Does “authoring” have an impact on A/V synchronization?

Thanks for any help here.