.avi (DV) to MPEG2 encoder recommendation


I am taking video from my Sony DV camera that is saved to my hardrive in an .avi (DV) format.

I want to edit the video in Adobe Premiere and then when I am done, convert that video to a DVD compliant MPEG2 video so I can burn it to DVD.

My question is this: what is a really good .avi (dv) to MPEG2 convertor that I can use? (other than TMPGEnc Plus).

Features I am looking for include:
ability to change the bitrate/quality of the mpeg2 encoding
if possible, adobe preimere plugin capability, although this is an optional feature that I could do without if need be.

The curent avi (dv) to mpeg2 convertor I used was not very good, and didn’t give me any sort of options for bitrate/quality settings.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated…


I don’t know what version of Premiere you’re using, but the later ones have a built-in encoder. If you want to stay with Adobe’s choice then that encoder is sourced from MainConcept. Vegas (my favourite non-linear editor) also uses this encoder, so you’ll be pretty safe with it! :cool:
Details here: http://www.mainconcept.com/products.shtml

If you can, it’s best to use an integrated encoder because the editor will frame serve to it at whatever speed it needs - an advantage. However, the MainConcept encoder is also available stand-alone. It is reasonably priced (unlike CinemaCraft) and can do two-pass encoding plus all your other requirements.

Good luck!


thank you for the info, I’ll try it out and see if it works out for me.

Another question for you or any of the other experienced lads out there: is their a significantly higher end MPEG2 encoder that is considered to be awesome, partcicuarly when encoding:

i) DV video
ii) Uncompressed raw avi

and also has the ability to rencode mpeg 1 and 2 video?

While at the same time it allows you to change the bitrate manually if you want, etc?

(if you have one high-end suggestion for doing dv video/uncompressed raw avi and another for rencoding mpeg1/2 files that is also ok)


I’ve heard Canopus Procoder to be excellent for DV source. I don’t know if they offer a demo, but I’m sure its easy to find out. CinemaCraft encoder is another option if you really want the premiere plugin. Basic is $58, SP is $1995.