AVI does not show SRT anymore

Hi, I have a LG DR197, it always played my DVD’s quit good. I only play AVI files with SRT subtitles. Yesterday I burned a new disc with 5 movies, all in seperate folders and with srt files in these folders. For some strange reason the DVD player does only play the movie, no subtitles. When I click on menu, I can see them (srt) in the folder, but again, they are not working when I play the movie.
Someone has experience with that ?

Maybe you need to create the srt again.

@chef, thanks, is there a rule for SRT, I mean format, size, extension etc ?? Example when my movie has the name batman.avi, should the subtitle file then be called batman.srt, or batman.english.srt ? And what is with the encoding, I use ansi.
Strange that it worked before…andI did not change anything…except I played an unclosed disc on my DVD player last week.

OK, I burned the DVD again, only 1 folder with 1 movie and SRT… NO subtitles are showing up anymore. I gues a new DVD player will be the solution. Also some movie srt files that worked before do not work now anymore…

Yup, the filename has to be the same as the movie.

OK, I have some news…When I install the DVD in a normal DVD player I see all subtitles, so the DVD must be burned OK. Can it be that some HOME_DVD recorders do not recognize some files because they also use some type of codes/system to burn DVD ?
I am OK for now, but it is ennoying having 2 DVD players around, one for burning and one for looking other DVD’s.
Home recorder is an LG, Home player is a Sony, all DVD’s are burnt with Nero 8.