Avi converted too big to burn


what do you do when the avi you convert to mpeg2 for transfer to blank dvd is too big to fit onto the disc ? i have done a couple of conversions of avi and they luckily fit to the 4.7 blanks , however another is over size by quite a margin , i tried a convuluted naive approach of my own based on what i saw as logic ( converting the large mpg2 to video_ts and shrinking it to burn on nero , which worked but the sync was badly out on the end result .

You lower video and/or audio bitrate.

I use DVDShrink to reduce file sizes, I find the results much better than encoding with a lower bitrate.
The BIGGEST gain you can get is to convert from PCM audio to AC3, you save a hugh amount of space.

hi again thanks for the response , i am not sure how i should use dvd shrink for these mpegs after conversion from avi`s ? shrink to my very basic and novice capabilities seems to play ball with discs ie dvd films but i am not sur eof how or if its useable for mpeg2 files ? and the one time i somehow messed around like this to reduce size i ended up with a good film but a badly out of synch audio .

Use any authoring program to create DVD files, then use Shrink.

Audio synch problems are almost always created in the capture process, or some incorrect setting in the conversion to MPEG. I’ve never seen a synch problem here, so I don’t know how to fix them.

ok thanks again , can i ask if there is good authoring program you would recommend for ease of use to a dumbo as well as results ?


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[B]ok thanks again , can i ask if there is good authoring program you would recommend for ease of use to a dumbo as well as results ?

cheers [/B]

TMPGEnc-Author works slick and makes decent menus too. Free 30 day trial.


well i invested a good deal of time yesterday , always a heavy load on anything to do wit hthese dvd projects right ? :slight_smile: and thought after trying the shrink idea i had got a perfect successful result with picture ( acceptable a thin line at the left edge but i can live with that and my tv may not be up to scratch ) the sync seemed perfect , i put the dvd on while i was in bed and somewhere in the last few minutes of the film the play just stopped , like it had run out of disc space maybe ? cant figure it though when it had burned must have been 98 or maybe 99% of the film , any knowledge of this problem at all please ?

Load your avi into Tmpgenc and set your final output file size to
4 gig if you running a fat32 system . this way you will get the full movie with the bitrate set a bit lower

many thanks for the tmpgenc tips , now i have another problem , dont know if its something i have changed in settings or the particular avi i was working with , but i have bee ntrying to convert an avi and found after its output to mpg there is no sound with the film , dont really know why but i tmgenc authored it to vobs etc and the lack of sound was still apparent , is this a setting that is wrong at some stage ( maybe the conversion to mpg ? ) or can individual avis throw off sound someway ? of course needless to say the sound is on the avi .

cheers again

Tmpgenc sometimes has problems with sound. try ripping the sound to a wav file using virtual dub then load the wav file into the tmpgenc audio box seperately